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Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : Glad to hear that the Hadleigh and Thundersley Community Archive site is to be officialy launched on the 16th September at the old Hadleigh Fire Station..
Date : 24/08/2011 11:15:01
Name : John Cockbain
Homepage :
Comment : re MARGARET ROSS.
I responded to Margaret Ross (Australia) but obviously the email address has changed.
I have fond memories of Jim and Ken Ross growing up in Hadleigh during the war years and beyond.If you are still reading this site Margaret please provide your current address and I will be happy to respond.
Regards. John Cockbain. Meadow Rd.
Date : 16/11/2010 14:58:24
Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : 8/12/09 1500
Just attended the community archive meeting at the Hadleigh library chaired by Sue Hampson. Very interesting and look forward to the proposed Hadleigh web site being set up
Ian Hawks
Date : 08/12/2009 17:34:59
Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : In reply to Mrs;Salmon's request for information on Mr Yeaxlee and the house Hazlewood. My memory is a little rusty these days but I remember a large house which was to the right of the old Wagon and Horses and was demolished to make way for Morrisons car park and which I believe was called Hazlewood. I have a photo of this house and will be pleased to post or e mail it to Mrs Salmon. My e mail is
Date : 13/01/2009 17:39:45
Name : Mrs V Salmon
Homepage :
Comment : My great great grandfather was Stephen Harvey farmer of Raylands Farm, Thundersley (1821-1904). Lavinia Harvey married Henry Yeaxlee and I believe their home was 'Hazelwood', London Road, Hadleigh. In 1950 the house was still standing and described as 'situated in a busy part of the main road'. Does anybody have a picture of 'Hazlewood'? Any information would be welcome.
V. Salmon (Mrs)
Date : 02/01/2009 20:51:28
Name : mary nation
Homepage :
Comment : Hi there. I vsited Hadleigh recently cos my father was William Hallett born in Castle Cottage in 1916. Rumour has it that were it not for the Salvation Army he might not have lived. Amazed to find SA still firmly there. Does anyone know where Castle cottage is or was? Could find nothing in old records so it may have been one of some cottages originally on the SA site and demolished. Was my grandmother Lucy Hallett there in the care of the SA? She was married to Leonard (Jim) Hallett but the baby was born at seven months after the wedding. Lucy's uncle was much involved in the Temperance movement in London - Lyn Bodger I think. Can anyone shed any more light on the above? Please email me at Mary Nation
Date : 20/07/2008 23:25:22
Name : john p campling
Homepage :
Comment : I found this website by chance and am delighted to read about Hadleigh. My great- grandparents retired to Hadleigh just before WW1. My grandfather used to talk about a chapel in Hadleigh owned by the 'Peculiars'.....a very strict form of Methodism which was apparently prevalent in Essex. I was wondering if anyone knows anything further about the Hadleigh Chapel. Many thanks.
Date : 22/03/2008 21:39:19
Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : Like many who live or have lived in Hadleigh
was saddened to see the Waggon & Horses go but must admit the new building looks impressive and does blend in to a certain extent.
Date : 17/03/2008 11:37:57
Name : Mrs R. Smith
Homepage :
Comment : Am I the only person that is concerned about the exit of Morrison's ? It is poorly lit, extremely hazardous for any pedestrian (bearing in mind the aged population moving in close-by shortly), plus a vehicular nightmare.
Can anything be done ??

Date : 14/12/2007 18:44:04
Name : Stuart Thomas
Homepage : Ross shoe repairers
Comment : Unfortunately no e-mail address shown.
I remember well David Ross, born 1 April 1940, who attended Hadleigh Primary and then Southend High.
I believe they moved to Buxton Ave or pehaps Ewan Way.
If this helps Margaret Ross and she wants more info, I can be contacted on
Date : 23/11/2007 15:59:44
Name : Stan Edwards
Homepage :
Comment : Does anybody know of any local
water colour painting clubs please

Many Thanks...Stan Edwards.
Date : 13/11/2007 17:20:58
Name : Ann-MarieEdge
Homepage :
Comment : Can anyonr help me please?
My father was born in Hornchurch and lived in Hadleigh. For many years in Ash Road. He served as a volunteer Fireman at Hadleigh from about 1929. From about 1939 he moved to Canvey Island as a full time fireman during the war and his work involved being a dispatch rider.
He played football for the station team and has medals for their success.
Unfortunately I do not have dad's service number so can not trace him through Essex Fire and Rescue Service.
I believe that I must have relatives in the Essex area but again have no details.
I would love to hear from anyone who may remember dad, either personally or from work.
Dad was William Light known as Billy or Sonny by friends and family. He was born in 1910.
My name is Ann-Marie Edge and I can be contacted via email:-
Many thanks.
Date : 02/09/2007 12:17:33
Name : George Sapsford
Homepage :
Comment : The L. Deal listed on the St. James the Less church WWII memorial was Leonard Deal of Hadleigh. He was my wife's uncle and was went down with his ship (sorry I can't recall the vessel's name) when it was tragically rammed by the troopship "Queen Mary" in the Irish Sea.

I have more information on this accident but can't put my hand on it right now. Anyone interested? If so, Hazel (my wife's sister) or Derek Owen can help,
Date : 19/07/2007 03:27:58
Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : Further to my entry 03/07/2007 20.49.03.
Dorlie was No 74 Castle Road West and my e mail address is,, sorry @
Date : 05/07/2007 17:23:08
Name : Ian Hawks
Homepage :
Comment : Just found this interesting site.
I was born 1923 at No 5 Castle Road which at the time was a nursing home. My parents lived at "Dorlie" Castle Road West.
My first school was a small school in Arcadian Gardens run by Miss Howship .
My Paternal grandfathet was headmaster of the Church school, now Sandcastle Nursery He was also on the local council and was choirmaster and organist at St James church.
My Maternal grandfather, Rev.Bull was connected with the Congregational Church in Church Road.
I joined the Merchant Navy in 1938 as an apprentice. I now live in Thundersley village.
I would like to hear from anyone who new Miss Howship and of the Nursing Home.
Date : 03/07/2007 20:49:03
Name : margaret ross
Homepage :
Comment : I was born in Hadleigh in the 1940's at what was 5 London Road, the flat over my Dad's shop, Ross Shoe Repairs. I wonder if many people remember the shop now. I migrated to Australia in 1966 and have not been back as yet. I do not think I would recognise the Hadleigh I was born in, went to school at Hadleigh School and grew up in. From what I can see of photos etc. it is not the attractive village type town it used to be. If anyone wishes to contact me by email I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers my Dad, Jim Ross and the shop .

Date : 10/05/2007 12:19:54
Name : Hadleigh resident
Homepage :
Comment : So the Waggon and Horses is in the process of being demolished. It's the end of an era for the pub/restaurant which was popoular with locals all over. Who can't say they haven't been for a meal or even a quick drink at the Waggon?

After two years of standing derelict it's really being demolished. End of an era.
Date : 25/02/2007 16:07:34
Name : Steve Rosier
Homepage :
Comment : G'day, I am from Australia and researching my father's place of birth at "Exonia", London Road, Hadleigh Essex on 19 May 1927. I have a photo of the house which I can make available. If you can possible help then please contact me at my email address -
Date : 25/02/2007 06:15:09
Name : mary brennan
Homepage :
Comment : so good to see a local page. I was interested to see that a planning application to demolish 122 london road. Does anyone know how old this little house is? or any of it's history. I have lived in Benfleet for 36years and have seen the character buildings slowly disappear. Is there a history society for Castle Point?
Date : 01/07/2006 18:26:25
Name : Norman Ladzrie
Homepage :
Comment : Hi

I'm a Councillor with Castle Point and although my Ward is in Thundersley I live in Hadleigh and have done so for a number of years. I have close contact with the Hadleigh Councillors and I'm only too willing to pass on any queries to them.

I have a great interest in Hadleigh and in the Great Woods bordered by Scrub Lane and Poors lane.

It is with interest I see that you have included recent planning decisions on your site as I hope this will go some way in explaining that this Government wants 98% of all planning decisions to be "delegated" to Council officers to decide rather than elected councillors.

Thank you for your site and I hope this project works out for the benefit of hadleigh residents.
Date : 16/05/2006 13:10:31
Name : Elaine Glover
Homepage :
Comment : How nice to see a site dedicated to Hadleigh. Very interesting to see all the future activities planned and also just how many new houses our council are going to allow to be built in this small town. I will be making a use of the site in future.
Date : 15/05/2006 14:48:31
Name : Hazel Lawrence
Homepage :
Comment : I visited the site, to give details of my Ladies Day i am holding on june 3rd at salvation army Hall and was delighted to find the information already listed, There is a ladies breakfast on 22nd April which is sold out but following this breakfast tickets will be available for the next breakfast on 21st October priced 3.50 contact Salvation army Temple./

Many Thanks again

Date : 14/04/2006 19:24:15
Name : derek stubbington
Homepage :
Comment : first time today on this new site,
would like to say how very useful and advantagous if more people new about it.
would like my club Hadleigh Conservative Club to be a member,address is 24 high street,hadleigh ss7 2pb.
would also like to advertise events.
Date : 06/04/2006 14:38:16
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