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War memorials

This page is dedicated to the men and women of Hadleigh who served their country during the two World Wars and other conflicts.

If you are able to provide information about any of the people listed on the war memorials, please contact the website administrator (see "About this site").

[Page last updated Thu 1 Jan 2009]
Roll of Honour in Hadleigh United Reformed Church
The photo above is of the WWI Roll of Honour in the United Reformed Church, Church Road, Hadleigh. Unusually, the Roll of Honour includes the names of men who survived the war.

If you would like to see the Roll of Honour or would like a list of the names on it then then please contact the website administrator. (See "About this site" page for e-mail address.) Any information about the origin of the Roll of Honour would be welcomed.

Book of Remembrance
A Book of Remembrance has been produced by the Salvation Army, which lists service men and women from Hadleigh who have died in any conflict.

The Book of Remembrance was presented at the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday 1 November 2008 and is available for viewing at the Salvation Army Temple, London Road, Hadleigh.

See also:

World War One (1914 - 1918)
The following names of those who were killed in WWI are taken from three memorials in Hadleigh - the Chapel Lane War Memorial, the memorial in St James The Less Church and the Roll of Honour in the United Reformed Church.

Some differences exist between the three war memorials. A plus sign following a name indicates a footnote conncerning such a difference.

An asterisk following a name indicates that a footnote exists with additional information about the person named.

Allen J.E. (James)
Allen S.C. (Sidney)
Arnold J.A.(John)

Bone A. +
Bush H.J. (Herbert)

Calverley H. (Harold)
Carter F. (Frederick)
Choppen F. (Fred) *
Choppen S. (Stephen) *
Clifford H. (Harold)
Collins R. (Reginald)
Collins C.C. (Charles)
Compton J.H. (Jack)
Coolledge J.H. (John)
Cowell R. (Richard)
Cowell W. (William)

Eadie C. (Charles) +

Farley T. (Thomas)
Feakin R. (Robert)

Gilbert A. (Alfred)
Ginn A.M. (Alfred)

Knapton G.F. +

Lince C. (Charles)

McCormick J. (John)
Mason E. (Ernest)
Mason R. (Reuben)
Meggs S.G. (Stewart)
Munday H. (Henry)

Petchey S.G. (Sidney)
Piper G.C. (George)

Raison A. (Arthur)
Rayner J. (Joseph)

Scougall D. (Douglas)
Sewell F.W. (Frederick)
Smith H.G. (Harold)
Smith P.L. (Percy)
Snow H. (Henry)
Staines A. (Archie)
Staines S.C. (Sidney)
Staines W.J. (Wilfred)
Stiff G. (George)
Stockwell J. (James)
Stokes W. (William)

Tucker C. (Cecil) +
Tucker F. (Frederick) +

Underwood J. (John)

Wallace C.F. (Charles)
Whiffen H.J. (Harry) +
White P. (Philip)
Woodford A. (Alfred)

Memorial footnotes:

+ A. Bone appears only on the URC Roll of Honour.

+ Eadie C. is recorded as Charles Eade (different surname spelling) on the Chapel Lane Memorial.

+ Knapton G. F. appears only on the URC Roll of Honour.

+ Munday H. is recorded as Henry Monday (different surname spelling) on the Chapel Lane Memorial.

+ Tucker C./Tucker F. are recorded as Cecil Tocker/Frederick Tocker (different surname spelling) on the Chapel Lane Memorial.

+ Whiffen H.J. is recorded as Harry J Wiffen (missing 'h' in surname) on the Chapel Lane memorial and Whiffen J. (no initial H) on the URC Roll of Honour.

Personal information footnotes:

* Fred Choppen, born 1889 in Thundersley, was a Rifleman in the 7th Batallion Kings Royal Rifle Corps. He died 15 Sep 1916 at Somme, France. He is also memorialised in Somme at the Theipval Memorial. Fred was the third of three children of James & Maria Choppen.

* Stephen Choppen, born 1895 in Hadleigh, was a Lance Corporal in the 9th Batallion Essex Regiment. He died 25 May 1916 in France and was buried at Lapugnoy Cemetery, Pas de Calais. Stephen was the fifth of the eight children of Harry and Frances Choppen, who for many years lived in Church Road, Hadleigh.

Many thanks to Bob Delderfield for the information about Fred and Stephen Choppen.

World War Two (1939 - 1945)
The following names are taken from two WWII memorials in St James The Less Church.

Adams M. [Women's Auxiliary Air Force]

Bainbridge A. [Royal Navy]
Bartrop J. [Merchant Navy]
Belsham D. [Army]
Brookwell N. [RAF]
Brown C. [Army]

Carter R. [RAF]

Deal L. (Leonard) [Royal Navy] *See Notes below
Dent B. [Royal Navy]

Hasler C. [Army]
Hasler L. [Army]
Hughes D. [RAF]

Judge H. (RAF)

Kelly E. [Army]
Knight K. [RAF]

Main R. [RAF]

Reeve R. [RAF]
Rivers N. [RAF]
Robinson J. [Army]

Scudder B. [RAF]
Smith F. [Army]
Stratford E. [Merchant Navy]

Theobald H. [Army]

Whitby S. [Army]


Leonard Deal was killed whilst serving on board HMS Curacao. The cruiser sank with the loss of over 300 men when she was accidentally rammed by the troop-carrying Queen Mary, which was manouevring to avoid a German U-boat. See this page for more information:

Salvation Army Temple Memorial
A memorial to Salvation Army members who lost their lives in WWII is located in the main hall of the Salvation Army Temple.

The names listed are as follows:

Norman Evans Rivers - Sgt, RAF
Evelyn Mary Adams - LACW, RAF
Hugh Judge - Sgt, RAF
Russell Mouatt Reeve - Sgt, RAF

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