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About this site

[Page last updated Sat 30 Jan 2010]

The HELIX website was started in late 2005 and is intended to facilitate the exchange of information about news, events, organisations, history etc pertaining to the town of Hadleigh in Essex.

Exchange is a two-way process so please let me know about your event, your organisation etc. Events are listed on the "What’s On" page provided they take place in or 'near' Hadleigh. As a guide, events are included that take place at St Peter’s Church and Runnymede Hall to the west, Highlands Methodist Church to the east and Daws Heath locations to the north.

The main impetus for starting the site was the lack of easily accessible information regarding planning developments in Hadleigh particularly the applications for blocks of flats and especially those that affect Hadleigh’s few remaining historic buildings. (There is more on this on the Planning Matters page).

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the site then please get in touch. The Beehive facility on which the site is currently hosted has the advantages of being free, and easy to maintain but is has some major drawbacks, e.g. links are plain text and not clickable (except on dedicated “links” pages), small images and only one image per page (except on “gallery” pages), no forum facilty etc.

If use you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is an add-on known as Plain Text Links that adds an "Open selected URL" entry to the right-click context sensitive menu. This allows you to open a plain text URL as if it is a clickable link. If you know of something similar for Internet Explorer, please let me know.

In order to improve HELIX, it is my intention - and has been for ages! - to move the website to a dedicated domain on a separate webhosting facility. I have purchased a couple of likely domain names in preparation.

If you would like to be notified when HELIX has been updated, try one of the services which monitors webpages and sends an e-mail when there is a change. I have started using recently for my own purposes but if you know of other services that work well, please get in touch. (I have deliberately avoided maintaining an e-mail list to notify people of updates.)

I have been keen to include more historical information on HELIX but lack of time and the minimal facilities provided by the Beehive have prevented this so far. The planned Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive website may mean that HELIX will not need to hold much historial information. I am involved in the Community Archive project and will see how that website develops. (There is an existing Community Archive for Canvey Island that began in 2008 – see
If you spot any out of date or incorrect information on the website or any bad links etc then please let me know. (SEE the e-mail address link at the bottom of this page).

I am very aware that I have not publicised the HELIX website as much as I could have done. If you have friends or family who are interested in Hadleigh and what goes on here, I would be extremely grateful if you would let them know about this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Malcolm Brown

Finally, I’m not sure if this is needed but just in case:
DISCLAIMER: No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person either acting or refraining from action as a result of any information on this site is accepted by the website administrator. Any errors notified to the website administrator will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.
Malcolm Brown
HELIX website administrator
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