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Neighbourhood Meetings

[Page last updated Thu 29 Sep 2011]
Neighbourhood Meetings
Neighbourhood Meetings allow members of the community to raise local issues and consider the Council’s priorities and objectives.

Each meeting also contains at least one presentation about an aspect of the work of the council or that of an outside body.

Each Neighbourhood is normally allocated a budget of £2k per ward (£5k up to 2010/11) to spend on items of civic pride. (Items must not involve any on-going maintenance costs.)

An overview of Neighbourhood Meetings can be viewed on CPBC's website at:

The dates of Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Meetings in 2011/12 are as follows:

- Wed 29 Jun 2011;
- Wed 28 Sep 2011;
- Wed 30 Nov 2011;
- Wed 29 Feb 2012.

From July 2009, the meetings have been revamped with an earlier start time of 7.15pm to allow for refreshments and an opportunity to browse information stands, pickup leaflets and chat to councillors.

The meetings are held at Westwood Primary School Community Hall in Beresford Close, at St Barnabas Church Hall on Church Road or in the Old Fire Station in the High Street. Details of each meeting will appear on the "What's On" page.

Agendas and minutes for Neighbourhood Meetings (and other council meetings) can be viewed/downloaded at:

Neighbourhood Meeting procedures
Neighbourhood Meetings allow residents to raise matters of local concern (e.g. litter, car parking, youth behaviour etc) and put questions to ward councillors. (Questions about specific planning applications are not allowed).

Community questions should be submitted in writing seven clear working days before a meeting to allow a full answer to be given at the meeting. Oral questions are sometimes allowed "on the night" at the discretion of the Chairman, though full answers may not be given.

Each meeting also contains at least one presentation about an aspect of the work of the council or that of an outside body.

A guide to the procedure and rules governing public participation can be viewed at:

A 'Participation Request Form' can be downloaded from:

Paper copies are available for the council offices and electronic copies may also be e-mailed. Contact Joy Turner at the council.

Paper copies of the Participation Request Form are also available from Hadleigh Library (next to the telephone directories).

Notes on past Neighbourhood Meetings

Meeting held at Hadleigh Old Fire Station.

Brief notes on some of of the main items on the agenda.


Essex County Coucil have suspended all Highways Locality Panels, which may be revamped. A website is to be setup for comments and complaints.

A resident suggested a blanket 20mph in Hadleigh. Cllr Colin Riley mentioned that ECC have powers in place to implement a 20mph limit near schools.

Complaints were raised about potholes in Chapel Lane and elsewhere and about the condition of the pavement in Florence Gardens.

The future level of public car parking was also raised during the discussion of various community questions for which writtem answers had been prepared.


Held at Hadleigh Old Fire Station (for the first time).

Brief notes:

- Cllr Bill Sharp took over a Chairman.

More to come.


Held at British Legion Hall.

Brief notes on two of the main items on the agenda.


Update provided by Barbara Mills, the Hadleigh Farm Delivery Manager from Essex County Council’s 2012 Legacy and Strategic Sport team.

The first phase of work on the mountain bike track and local highways is almost complete but resurfacing of the affected parts of Chapel Lane and Castle Lane will not be carried out until the weather is warmer.

There will be a trial event at the mountain bike course on 31st July when around 5,000 spectators are expected. A detailed Local Area Traffic Management Plan is currently being drafted.

There has been a good response from groups interested in participating in Olympic-related events. One of these events is a ‘500 Days to Go’ celebration to be held on 15th March in the old fire station which will be open for the first time after its recent refurbishment and alteration to include artists studios. There will be a further consultation on possible long-term uses of the old fire station.

Another newsletter will be published and distributed to all households before the 15th March.


Presentation by Mark Evershed, Regeneration Delivery Manager from the Castle Point Regeneration Partnership.

The Regeneration Partnership has exchanged contracts for the purchase of The Crown pub. Two companies are interested in using the building as a ‘boutique cinema’ but reinstatement as a family restaurant facility would be welcomed.

Mark explained the history of the consultation process and went through the top ten most important regeneration proposals arising from the initial round of consultation and the design work by consultants Urban Practitioners. The formal draft Masterplan supplementary planning document was published in December 2010 and a second period of consultation ended on 31 January 2011. Apart from an additional proposal to improve the cut-through from the Rectory Road car park to London Road, the draft Masterplan has now been endorsed by the Regeneration Partnership board.

Further research is being undertaken in respect of the changes to the A13 (two-way through-traffic on the High Street and two-way local traffic on London Road between Rectory Road and the fire station). Initial computer modelling indicates that the changes will work but there is concern about use of some side roads as ‘rat-runs’. It was pointed out that certain aspects of the Masterplan, e.g. the Town Square, are dependent on the A13 changes proceeding.

The first part of the Masterplan delivery is likely to be on The Crown car park, the fire station car park and the library site for several blocks of flats with two pathways through from the High Street to London Road (hence ‘The Lanes’ designation). A tender package is likely to be issued by July but this will first need approval by the Castle Point Council Cabinet. The council are to be asked to incorporate the Masterplan in their Local Development Framework and it is likely that a Supplementary Development Group will be set up after the May local elections.

Following the presentation, there was a question and answer session, which started and ended with questions on the Morrisons new store. An amended planning application has been submitted to be considered at a special Development Control Committee meeting on 23rd March.


Held at St Barnabas Church Hall.


Held at Westwood Primary School Community Hall.


Held at St Barnabas Church Hall.


Held at Westwood Primary School Community Hall.



The Hot Topic was the planning for the London 2012 Olympics Mountain Biking events at Hadleigh Farm. Presentations by Jason Ferguson and Barbara Mills from the 2012 Legacy Team were followed by questions from residents.


Discussions about litter bins and salt bins.


Speed activated sign on Church Road needs tuning. To be fixed.

Money to be taken from capital budget to deal with potholes arising from severe winter.

One resident complained about New Road being closed when High Street was already restricted by gas pipe works.

The planned yellow lines in Scrub Lane have still not materialised. Cllr Ladzrie reported that an attempt was made to lay them 3/4 months ago but conditions were not right.

A resident suggested that congestion on Scrub Lane could be eased if cars were allowed on a tarmac area on the field owned by ECC Education Services. It was stated that this would cause a healthy and safety issue and there is no public liability insurance.


~ Memorial Park safety gate

A resident asked that the safety gate entrance to the Memorial Park on Chapel Lane be widened to allow buggies to be taken through.

~ Grass verges

A resident requested that the council ask the gas company to properly reinstate all grass verges following the installation of new gas pipes. Broomfield was mentioned.

~ Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan

In answer to a resident's query, the Chairman, Cllr Colin Riley, was unable to say whether consultants have been appointed to start work on the Masterplan. This will be a permanent agenda item from now on.

The date of the next meeting cannot be determined until after the next round of local elections in May.


Held at St Barnabas Church Hall.


Held at St Barnabas Church Hall.


Held at Britsh Legion Hall, Castle Lane.


Held at St Barnabas Church Hall, Church Road. Chaired by Cllr Colin Riley.

Brief notes:

NEW ARRANGEMENTS (Brought forward on agenda)

- Cllr Beverley Egan explained that following consultation and various discussions there will be a new style to future Neighbourhood Meetings, eg. refreshments will be served, more presentations, eg from local police. Changes are in line with the Government agenda for localism, more resident involvement.


- Minutes signed but some comments about them not reflecting the amount of discussion on certain items.


- Presentation by Dominic Collins followed by question time.

- Cllr Bill Sharp requested that local councillors should be involved in the planning for any highway improvements. (Some residents are opposed to widening of Chapel Lane.)

- The legacy facility will be on Salvation Army land but will be managed by Country Park staff.

- The bid document envisaged a spend of £5m on the mountain biking event.

- The main financial benefit to Hadleigh will be a greater number of people visiting (and hopefully spending money in) Hadleigh.


- Andrew Smith pointed out the risk of losing unspent budget.

- Much discussion of the £13,400 proposed spend on the Heritage Garden (next to SA Temple on London Road). It may be possible to obtain some of £10,000 developer contribution from Harold House site – this was originally earmarked for Memorial Park improvements but developer is happy for sum to be split. Eventually agreed that Cllr Colin Riley will take project forward. Mrs Una Kipps agreed to be a public consultee and invited those present to give views to her.


- Core Strategy consultation.

- Foul sewers.

- Public speaking at Development Control (Planning) Committee meetings. The 3-minute time limit can apparently be varied at discretion of Chair.

- Road and pavement gritting. This is an ECC responsibility.

- British Legion Hall. The ATC are now managing and some works have been carried out. There have been a number of enquiries from other groups about taking on the lease when it expires in 2011.

- New Road bollards. ECC Highways have suggested sprung bollards to replace the concrete ones that were demolished by a car.


At the Royal British Legion Hall. Cllr Godfrey Isaacs in chair until Cllr Colin Riley arrived part way through.

Brief notes:


- Presentation by 'Tim' about CPBC's new Pink Sack Scheme for recycling paper, card, plastics and metal cans.

- All materials are recycled in the UK except for paper which is sent to Belgium.

- Revenue raised by selling recycled materials pays for the waste collection. The council pays a company to sort the waste as this is more cost-effective than separate collections.

- Large boxes should be flattened and placed under the pink sack(s).

- The council has an assisted collection service for elderly or disabled people who find it difficult to put waste out.

- Pink sacks are free and further supplies available from libraries. Use as many as needed to avoid overfilling and possible splitting of sacks.


- Andy Hilsden from ECC reported that outstanding issues have been resolved and the proposed footpath alongside the SA field will be installed in the current financial year once legal agreements have been signed.


- After a brief discussion the meeting (actually the member councillors) agreed to spend £1,000 on the purchase, installatoin and eventual removal of a Christmas tree in the usual location at 'Hadleigh Corner'.


- A report presented to meeting included a possible scheme costing £5,000. It was generally felt that this could not be approved without more detailed costing. The standard cost of new-style council seats (£1,000) was considered excessive by one woman who said such seats were available for £450.

Cllr Godfrey Isaacs suggested that some of the £10,000 developer contribution arising from the flats on the Harold site might be divertable to the Heritage Garden. The contribution was obtained for improvements at the nearby Memorial Park.

- The trimming of hedges, pruning of roses etc was considered by some to be a on-going maintenance issue which should not be taken from the Neighbourhood Meeting budget. It appears that the council's contract with Pinnacle may not cover maintenance of all grassed areas and borders.

- Cllr Issacs' suggestion will be investigated further and if a non-starter than a more detailed costing will be brought to next meeting.


- £3,000 has been provisionally set aside for three new information signs in West Wood.

- Graham Ash of Castle Point Wildlife Action Group pointed out that the council's lease from the Church Commissioners has not long to run and negotiations have not been concluded on any new lease.

- The group is currently making a similar sign for another wood so will have a better idea of cost. Estimated cost of making the frames is £800 each (using timber from West Wood). Printing of the each sign will be c.£200. Estimate of graphics work required is less certain. The Wildlife Action Group may be prepared to cover any cost over the £3,000 budgetted.


- Some concern that there is a shortage of good ideas on which to spend the remaining budget. Seats and litter bins have been the mainstay in the past but many of these have now been replaced.

- One suggestion was for lighting in Solby's Lane. Essex County Council would adopt any lampposts so there would be no on-going maintenance costs.

- Cllr Colin Riley mentioned that a contribution towards the cost of testing lampposts for suitability to hold mobile CCTV cameras may be another possibility.


Much discussion about the council's attitude towards development on Green Belt land particularly with respect to the Core Strategy proposal to build on land north of Daws Heath Road.

- Some residents feel that the Manor Road Trading Estate 'option' (as proposed by Hickfort Developments) would be preferable to the loss of the prime Green Belt land in Thundersley. Cllr Bill Sharp pointed out that he is a proponent of that scheme. He pointed out that the view of the planners is that the building of Essex Ford and the new fire station has "contaminated" the Green Belt. (The council did oppose that development).

- The six St. James and Victoria Ward councillors are meeting Ian Burchill (Director of Environment) to discuss the matter further. Several councillors had recently attended a public meeting in Daws Heath and it was pointed out that many of the opponents are residents who do not live adjacent to the Green Belt land.


- It was reported that owing to reduced numbers and increasing age, the British Legion have been struggling to manage the hall. Margaret Read, who is associated with the Thundersley ATC cadets, has agreed to takeover bookings. (Her tel no is 01268 753729). There is a plan for the ATC cadets to help to redecorate the hall in the future.


- Cllr Colin Riley appointed Chairman.

- Presentation by Mark Evershed, Castle Point Regeneration Delivery Manager, on the document "The Castle Point Regeneration Framework to 2021". Mark Evershed explained that the draft Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan produced by Dedman's had not been accepted by the council as it was too commerically-driven. (Alledgedly, the draft suggested building on the London Road allotments and the bus garage!). Mr Evershed was hopeful that the area covered by Hadleigh Fire Station and Hadleigh Library would remain in "public" ownership and not be sold for private development.

- Christmas Tree - report to be brought to next meeting.

- Discussion on the renovation of the "Heritage" Garden adjacent to the Salvation Army Temple. A report to be brought to next meeting.

- Rectory Road car park entrance/exit posts. Suggestion that these be repained or removed to be investigated.

- Footpath on Castle Lane to SA Farm. No progress reported. ECC in continuing discussion with SA.

- Castle Point Local Highways Locality Panel. Three nominations received for "Public" representative - Graham Oster-Ritter, Alf Papworth and Neal Warren. The Chairman and ward councillors to select one person from these three. Cllr Godfrey Isaacs appointed as the nominated "Member" representative.

- Anglian Water foul sewage system works. First phase to take place during the summer in vicinity of Daws Heath Road followed by second phase in West Wood area.

- New Road traffic calming bollards - ECC Highways to investigate following removal after car accident.


Notes to come (if/when the website administrator gets time!).


Notes to come (if/when the website administrator gets time!).


Brief notes:

Complaint by one resident, supported by Cllr Sharp, that 'Matters arising' should be included on meeting agendas. 'Noted' by Chairman Cllr Isaacs.


A registered charity - a Council for Voluntary Services, with 90 affiliated organisations.

Works with Local Stategic Partnership to identify needs of community.


Comments welcomed. Some comments already submitted.

Discussion about so-called green open space on Scrub Lane owned by ECC. Possible development of SA field on Chapel Lane mentioned.

Lack of progress and feedback on Town Centre Masterplan raised. Extent of consulation questioned.


No report was available as officer responsible has left the council. A figure of £17,000 was mentioned for a half-court design plus cost of netting. Full costing to be sought.

Complaint by one resident that public should be consulted earlier.


Survey forms handed out.

Cllr Cliff Brunt spoke.
Mentioned that surgeries with ECC Highways starting in November.


~Ongoing complaint about lack of action on state of 27 Central Avenue and 33 Ashdown Crescent.

~ Resident suggestion that copies of Borough News be placed in Hadleigh Library.
- Resident pointed out that sign for Hadleigh Castle has been removed from top of Castle Lane.

~ A resident reported evidence of drug abuse in West Wood. Sgt Paul Saunders undertook to investigate.

~ Comment from one resident about the inappropriate placing of new Daws Heath village sign. Cllr Isaacs stated that there was no other suitable location owing to need to keep traffic sight lines clear, underground pipes and cables etc.


Held at Westwood Primary School.

Notes to come.


Held at Royal British Legion Hall.

- Presentation of CPBC's draft Corporate Plan for 2007-2012.

- Review of ward issues in Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Plan.

St James Ward Priorities

~ Fencing separating the war memorial garden and the Memorial Recreation Park has been completed.

~ A discussion about provision of a Christmas tree in Hadleigh Town Centre took place. The possibility of planting a living tree has been ruled out. The provision of a permanent electricity supply for the tree is under discussion.

~ Cllr Colin Riley requested that the Recommendation/Action in relation to Hadleigh Town Centre Car Parks should be deleted as it was not currently the subject of a review by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, as stated in the report. Resolution greed: "That the residents of Hadleigh request that there is a policy for public car parking throughout Castle Point."

Victoria Ward Priorities

~ Further to a request at the previous meeting to expand the existing basketball court at John H Burrows Recreation Ground, a full report will be presented to the next meeting.

~ Bollards at Ashdown Crescent have been installed and the matter had now been resolved. However, a resident stated that he did not believe that the bollards were in the correct position.

~ Replacement directional sign for St Michael’s Church completed and now in place. Discussions were ongoing with regard to the design and position of the Daws Heath sign. Full report at next meeting.

It was suggested that a short addendum be added to the agenda item on Ward Priorities in future to show the actions that had been taken.


~ Westwood Sewerage System

A resident asked whether the Council thought it acceptable to approve developments which overloaded the sewer infrastructure.

~ Executive (Leader and Cabinet Arrangements)

No decision has been taken to introduce Cabinet arrangements at this time.
Before the Council could take a decision to introduce ‘cabinet‘ arrangements, all residents of the Borough would have the chance to make their views known to the Council, as it was required to carry out consultation before it could introduce the arrangements.

~ Lights in signs in St Michael’s Lane

The internal workings of the signs had been stolen. The company that provided the signs is no longer in business. Another Contractor has advised that they would have to provide a completely new system to return the signs to lighting. There was the possibility that any new sign would be subject to the same problems of theft and damage as those that were currently there.

A “step down” transformer from a nearby high voltage electricity could supply power to the signs at a cost of around £10,000. The Highways Authority is discussing this with the electricity supplier.

~ Speeding signs on Daws Heath Road

The radar detectors have been stolen from the vehicle actuated signs. An order has been placed for two new signs with the radar detectors incorporated into the body of the sign. The existing signs will have new detectors spot welded on and will be relocated to another site, less susceptible to vandalism.

~ 27 Central Avenue

A resident asked whether the owner of the broken down car, at the above property, had been contacted with regard to its removal.

The vehicle is on a private driveway so the Council cannot take action as the vehicle could not be deemed to be an abandoned vehicle. The Council cannot remove the vehicle from the land without the owner’s consent.

The site has been inspected on a number of occasions since April 2006. In July 2006 a written request for improvements and a Planning Contravention Notice were served on the owner. In September 2006 the owner responded to the effect that the garden was being tidied and the front wall would be repaired as materials became available; this information was given to the Committee at its meeting in October 2006. Planning officers will continue to monitor the site.

~ 33 Ashdown Crescent

Site brought to attention of the Planning Service in July 2006 and visited shortly afterwards. The site will be monitored by officers.

~ Zebra Crossing outside Hadleigh Junior School, Church Road

There has not yet been a formal decision to implement a zebra crossing. At a site meeting, it was felt that it would be prudent to revisit the site when the lining works associated with the resurfacing of Church Road were complete. Meeting arranged with the school for Thursday 19th April 2007.

~ A complaint was made that there is insufficient room to pass between the Waggon & Horses bus stop and the hoarding surrounding the site.

The footway alongside the A13 London Road is 1.8m which is wider than some other footways in Hadleigh. Historically, it was wider because pedestrians were allowed to walk across the forecourt belonging to the Wagon & Horses.

The Highway Authority is discussing with the developer a 2.3m wide footway together with moving the bus stop away from the traffic lights.

- A vote of thanks was given to Cllr Godfrey Isaacs for chairing the meetings over the past year.


Held at Westwood Primary School.

Presentation by Cllr Cliff Brunt on Building Safer Neighbourhoods (Community Safety).
Those present were invited to complete a survey form.

Discussion of "teen shelters"
Enid Isaacs, who in the past has been a strong opponent of these shelters, mentioned seeing a shelter in Milton Keynes which appears not to have caused a nuisance and is also used by mums and tots. Sgt Paul Saunders said that experience of shelters is mixed - some work, other do not - but on balance he is in favour of trying them.

Neighbourhood Plan (St James Ward priorities)
~ Andrew Smith (Corporate Director, Support) stated that there there is a need for a permanent fixing point and power supply for the Hadleigh Christmas tree. It was proposed that a report be produced on the cost of these items.
~ Mrs Una Kipps suggested that a suitable semi-mature tree be planted to avoid the (high) cost of installing and removing a Christmas tree each year. This will be investigated.

Neighbourhood Plan (Victoria Ward priorities)
~ The bollards for Ashdown Crescent mentioned in the Neighbourood Plan have now been installed.
~ The specification of the signage proposed for the entry to Daws Heath and for St Michael's Church needs confirming. A small working party will agree the type, size, location etc and bring full costings to a later meeting. A representative from ECC Highways requested that they be involved.
~ A resident suggested extending the basketball facility in John Burrows car park into a proper court. This item was added to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Briefing by Nick ???, ECC Highways
~ A bid has been made by ECC Highways for money to paint lamp-posts in Hadleigh and install new lanterns (which will be less light-polluting). If the bid is successful, the work should be done in the summer.
~ Victoria House Corner road signage to be rearranged.
~ The traffic problems expected as a result of Anglian Water drainage work along Kiln Road will be much reduced as they have decided to tunnel under the road rather than dig it up.
~ Rectory Road/New Road traffic lights – new detector loops to be fitted.
~ Greenacres/Shepherds walk ‘rat run’ issue to be investigated.
~ Cycling on roads where traffic islands restrict the road width. This was raised at an earlier meeting and ECC Highways would like to discuss further with person who raised the issue (Ron Hurrell?).

Other highways issues raised by residents:
~ Parking on zig-zag lines outside Hadleigh Junior School and lack of safe crossing point.
~ Dangerous junction of Seymour Road and The Avenue. A 'Stop' sign was suggested. (ECC Highways representative pointed out that these are installed sparingly, usually only were visibility is poor.)
~ Water on road opposite 97 Church Road thought to be due to drain problem. (ECC Highways will invesigate.)
~ Speeding on Church Road.
~ Poor state of Church Road surface. (Some work is planned by ECC Highways.)
~ 'Slow Down' signs not working near roundabout at Broomfield/Daws Heath Road junction. (The speed detector units have been stolen.)
~ Need to trim vegetation on roadside from Broomfield to Rivers Corner. (Vegetation within boundary of private property is not within ECC Highways control.)
~ Need for statistics on accidents before and after installation of roundabout at Broomfield/ Daws Heath Road junction. (ECC Highways will investigate.)
~ Lorries and coaches parking on pavement in Church Road. (The Chairman suggested contacting Ryan Lynch, manager of car parking control for CPBC).

Other issues raised by residents:
~ State of 27 Central Avenue garden - improved but garden wall still needs repairing.
~ Recycling of plastic waste. (Chairman will investigate.)
~ Unexpected early collection of refuse leading to black bags being left on street. (Chairman advised that the Litter Hotline on 01268 792792 will deal with this.)
~ Continued granting of planning permission for houses and flats utilising overstretched drainage system that runs through West Wood.


Held at the British Legion Hall.

- Presentation on Community Safety by the council's Anti-Social behaviour Co-ordinator.

- Adoption of a draft Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Plan. The plan was sent out with the agenda to regular attenders but the plan is available from the council offices and is also downloadable from:

The plan contains a lot of information and statistics about Hadleigh plus a list of priorities in terms of improvements to the environment, community safety etc. The plan will be reviewed and modified as necessary at future meetings.

- Discussion on the provision of a new fence to separate the Memorial Garden from the Memorial Recreation Ground at Chapel Lane. The proposal in the agenda was for the removal of the remaining fence posts but it was pointed out that the Environment Committee had recommended reinstatement of the fence. The matter was deferred for clarification.


Brief notes from the latest Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Meeting held at Westwood Primary School:

- GAMBLING ACT 2005 PRESENTATION by Chris Jacob, CPBC Licensing Manager.

A Powerpoint presentation explaining the Gambling Act 2005.

More notes to come.


- WASTE MANAGEMENT PRESENTATION by Megan Dennis of ECC's Waste Management Unit.

A Powerpoint presentation explaining ECC's future policy on waste management.

- FIRE SECURITY PRESENTATION by Brian Hickey, Community Safety Liaison Officer.

A talk and short video about fire safety in the home. Free booklets were handed out. Firefighters from the local fire station will now come to your home and give advice on fire safety. They will also fit one or two smoke detectors free of charge if you have none installed.

Phone the local Fire Safety officer on 01268 548804 to arrange a visit or see Essex County Fire & Rescue Service's website at


These covered the following issues:

~ Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Meeting Budget

In response to a resident's query, Cllr Isaacs reported that majority of last year's budget was unspent. The current available balance is approximately £10,700 (not £9,300 as reported at the last meeting).

Cllr Issacs revealed that Castle Point Council has decided not to allocate funds to the Neighbourhood Meetings for 2006/07. (In previous years £5,000 was allocated for each ward thus the Hadleigh & Daws Heath Meeting received £10,000 to spend on items to enhance civic pride or civic amenities).

~ "Welcome to Daws Heath - Please Drive Carefully" signs

A resident of Daws Heath suggested that the existence of Daws Heath and the need to drive carefully through the area be highlighted with two or three signs on Daws Heath Road and St. Michael's Road.

The cost of signs will be investigated by councillors.

~ Recycling of dry cell batteries

In response to a question about the recycling of dry cell batteries, Cllr Colin Riley reported that an EU directive will come into force in 2007 that requires retailers and manufacturers to recycle such batteries. In the meantime, the advice given to the meeting was to use the recycling facilities for lead acid batteries at Council recycling centres.

~ Solar light at St. Michael's Road

A resident reported that the solar light is stll not functioning. (The same matter was raised at the last Neighbourhood Meeting). Andy Hilsden from ECC Highways reported that the solar light was installed after a bus crash resulted in damage to the electric cable which passes under the A127. Owing to the potential cost of repairing the cable, much of which would arise from traffic control safety measures, the solar light was installed.

Mr Hilsden agreed to chase the matter of the repair of the solar light.

~ Yellow box markings at junction of Rectory Road and Church Road.

The yellow box to facilitate exit from and entry to Church Road is only half the size of the previous box and was reported by one resident to be causing problems. Andy Hilsden from ECC Highways admitted that the box was not marked out correctly by the relevant contractor when the road was recently resurfaced. (The contractor is no longer used by ECC Highways.) To mark out the box correctly would require the existing markings to be burned off and the road surface reinstated at some cost.

Mr Hilsden stated that situation will be monitored and action taken if necessary.

[Note: If you have problems at this junction or see any problems caused by the inadequate yellow box, please report it to ECC Highways on 01268 771458.]

~ "Chicane" in Bilton Road

A resident requested that the remaining "chicane" in Bilton Road be removed as it has no road safety function and is wasting a parking space.

Councillors agreed to look into the matter.

~ Spending of budget on seats, trees etc.

The meeting agreed to allow councillors to discuss with various residents the siting of seats, trees etc to enhance the streetscene and to make use of the existing budget as necessary.

~ Submission of written questions

Cllr Riley urged residents to submit questions in writing in good time before a meeting to allow time for a full response to be given at the meeting.

~ Thanks to the Chair, Cllr Godfrey Issacs

Cllr Colin Riley pointed out that chairing the Neighbourhood Meetings is not an easy job and, in view of the imminent local council elections, proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Issacs for chairing the meetings over the past year.

Other issues raised:
~ Discharge into the foul sewer running through West Wood of the sewage from the 300 houses for which outline planning permission has been granted in The Chase/Kiln Road area.
~ State of 27 Central Avenue house and garden.
~ State of 33 Ashdown Crescent garden.
~ Easter refuse collection.


Held at Westwood Primary School,

- STREET SCENE PRESENTATION by Steven Crowther, CPBC Street Scene Manager.

Talked about the council's responsibilities for street cleansing, waste collection, grass verge cutting, fly-tipping and street furniture (bins, bus shelters, seating etc).

A new statute, the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment ACt 2005, will give the council more powers including:

~ Fixed Penalty Notices (£75-£300) the proceeds of which can be retained and re-invested in measures to improve the street scene. (These are seen as a measure of last resort following requests and official warnings).

~ Power to force 'gating' of private alleyways which are the scene of criminal or anti-social behaviour.

~ Instant removal of burned out cars and quicker removal of dumped cars.

~ Litter Clearing Notices can be served to force clearing up of litter.

~ Litter Control Areas can be designated to control the distribution of free literature (flyers).

The new Act can be viewed at:


There is £150,000 available this year for local voluntary organisations in Castle Point to bid for capital projects that benefit the community.

The deadline for applications is 24th February.

Two volunteers from local organisations are also wanted to sit on the panel that will decide in March 2006 which projects are granted funding.

Contact Beverly Davies on 07929 543523.

For more details see:


These covered the following issues:

~ State of 27 Central Avenue house and garden.

~ Solar lights at St. Michael's Road

~ Prittle Brook flood control measures.

~ Obstruction of path in Solbys Lane.

~ Lack of new-style bus indicators in Castle Point.

~ Danger to cyclists of narrow roadway adjacent to certain pedestrian islands.

- Missing council noticeboard at Vic House Corner.

~ Concern about response to fires in Hadleigh when the fire station is relocated to Rayleigh Weir owing to narrowness of road approaching Woodmans Arms mini roundabouts.

~ Complaint about absence of capitalisation in town names in new council logo.

~ "No parking" notices for Ashdown Crescent.

~ Thanks to council for Christmas Lights and to Mayor for switching them on.


Background to Neighbourhood Meetings
The first Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood Meeting took place on 12th June 2002 when it was known as the Hadleigh & Daws Heath Forum.

The name of the meetings was changed in September 2005 and the format was changed slightly with the introduction of formal presentations. The format was further amended in July 2009 when the meeting start time was brought forward to 7.15pm to allow refreshments to be served and attendees to visit tables containing information about council departments or local organisations.

Each Neighbourhood Meeting area is normally allocated a small budget to be spent on items that benefit the community. With two wards, The Hadleigh & Daws Heath area was allocated £10,000 in 2005/06 most of which was unspent. No further budget was allocated by the full council for 2006/07 but a budget of £10,000 was allocated for subsequent years until 2011/12 when the amount was reduced to £4,000.

In the past, money has been spent on noticeboards, litter bins, seats and Hadleigh's Chrismas tree. A contribution was also made to the cost of Hadleigh town sign.

The Hadleigh & Daws Heath Neighbourhood meetings were chaired by Cllr. Godfrey Isaacs from their inception until 16 July 2008, when Cllr. Colin Riley took over as Chairman. In June 2011, Cllr Bill Sharp took over as Chairman.

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