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Planning matters

This page gives some general information about planning matters in the Castle Point area, which covers Benfleet, Canvey Island, Hadleigh and Thundersley.

[Page last updated Sat 12 Mar 2011]
Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan

On 3 October 2006, the Planning Committee of Castle Point Council accepted an offer from Dedman Planning & Regeneration to produce a draft Town Centre Masterplan for Hadleigh. The Masterplan was to be be prepared in accordance with a brief to be agreed between the council and Dedman Planning & Regeneration. The council agreed to help towards the cost by contributing £12,000 for the VAT on the work. The draft Masterplan was intended to feed into the council's own Hadleigh Town Centre Plan to be drawn up as part of the Local Development Scheme. (Prior to this agreement, Dedman Planning & Regeneration had expressed an interest in the regeneration of Hadleigh town centre and in particular have been pursuing proposals to develop a multiplex cinema.)

Update - Aug 2008:
The draft Town Centre Masterplan has been completed by Dedman Regeneration but has not been accepted by the council because of certain proposals contained within it, e.g. development on the London Road allotments.

Update Jul 2009:
The draft Town Centre Masterplan produced by Dedman Planning & Regeneration is no longer being pursued. A tender for a new contract to draft a Masterplan will be advertised in due course. The Dedman Masterplan may be downloaded (via TinyURL) from:

Update Jan 2010:
At the meeting of Castle Point Council's Cabinet on 21 October 2009, a Member Working Group was appointed to advise the Cabinet on the development of a Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan.

Update Feb 2010:
On 16 February 2010, the Cabinet appointed Urban Practitioners to develop the Town Centre Masterplan. This followed an appraisal process involving the Hadleigh Town Centre Liaison Group and Castle Point Regeneration Partnership. One of the first priorities will be to set up a 'Regeneration shop' to allow residents to give their views on regeneration of the town centre.

Update Mar 2011:
The Regeneration shop was opened on 17 September 2010 at 74 High Street. A website - - was also setup to allow comments to be submitted online.

In December 2010, a draft Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan was published. This was downloadable from the 'heartinhadleigh' website and was available to read in the Regeneration shop. The document outlined various ideas on changes to Hadleigh to facilitate regeneration. A period of consultation then took place until Saturday 29 January 2011.

The consultation focused on a list of 'top ten ideas', viz.
1. New larger Morrisons store.
2. A13 alterations including two-way flows on the High Street (for through traffic) and London Road (for local traffic).
3. A town square.
4. Church path (from the High Street across the western edge of the graveyard to London Road).
5. Brighter shops.
6. Library move to Fire Station.
7. Rretention of the Crown pub.
8. The Lanes (flats on Library site, Crown car park and Fire Station car park with two cut-throughs).
9. Residential development on the Endway car park with extension of Homestead Gardens to Endway.
10. South Side (private re-development of various sites - on corners of Castle Lane, McDonalds site and
Lidl site).

Just over 100 responses were received to the Draft Masterplan. The Draft Masterplan was approved in principle by the board of the Castle Point Regeneration Partnership at a meeting in early March, with an additional proposal to improve the alley from the Rectory Road car park through to London Road, 2011.

Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan website:

Urban Practitioners website:
[Updated 12 Mar 2011]

Current planning applications

SEE "News" page for details of current planning applications.


Planning application searches
The website of Castle Point Borough Council provides excellent access to all planning applications, plans, public comments, third-party consultations and, eventually the decision on the application. There are two search facilities available.

Application Database Search

The first search facility provides access to basic details about each application. This can be found at:

This search facility has separate forms for Application Search, Appeals, Decisions and Planning List (of accepted applications).

A search using the Application Search form returns all applications meeting the search criteria in reverse order of 'Received Date'.

Whichever search form is used, a list of planning applications meeting the criteria is returned. Clicking on an application reference on this results page gives some basic details about an application. Clicking on the Documents link in the top left will take to you to the Case File for that application. (See below for more on Case Files.)

Case File Search

A second search facility provides more direct access to the online Case File for each application. The Case File contains a variety of documents associated with the application including the initial application with plans, consultation responses and letters of objections etc.

The Case File search can be found at:

Enter search criteria or click on the Search Weekly List or Search Monthly List buttons and then enter search criteria. When a list of planning applications is returned, click on the Application No to see the Case File, which lists the associated documents. The documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files which may be viewed on-line or downloaded.

Note: When a decision on an application has been made, any consultation responses and letters of objection are removed from the online Case File web page. Only the initial application, plan(s), officer's report and the decision notice are retained. For some older applications, only the decision notice is online.

Objecting to a planning application

Comments should relate to the application and to issues that the Planning Officer or Development Control (Planning) Committee can take into account when determining an application such as:

~ Planning Policy (Government Guidance, Structure and Local Plans);
~ Design, appearance, layout and effect on nearby property;
~ Impact on visual or residential amenity (including loss of light, noise, odour and other environmental impacts);
~ Impact on trees, conservation areas or nature conservation;
~ Highway safety and traffic issues.

Matters that are NOT planning matters include:

~ Private property rights (boundary or access disputes, restrictive covenants);
~ Effect on property values;
~ Personality or a developerís motives;
~ Loss of view over private land.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England have set up an excellent planning advice website at:

Development Control Committee meetings

Castle Point Borough Council's Development Control Committee (formerly known as the Planning Committee) usually meets monthly, mostly on the first Tuesday of the month. All meetings are in the main council chamber at the council offices on Kiln Road, Thundersley. Meetings start at 7.30pm.

The calendar of Development Control Committee meetings in the current "council" year is as follows:

Wed 26 May 2010
Tue ? Jun 2010
Tue ? Jul 2010
Tue ? Sep 2010
Tue ? Oct 2010
Tue ? Nov 2010
Tue ? Dec 2010
Tue ? Jan 2011
Tue ? Feb 2011
Tue ? Mar 2011
Tue ? Apr 2011

There are (usually) entries for forthcoming meetings on the "What's On" page. If available in time, an outline of the plans to be discussed will be included in the "What's On" entry for a particular meeting.

Note: Most planning applications are decided by planning officers as delegated decisions without coming before the Development Control Committee.


Electronic versions of agendas & minutes are available at:

Paper copies of agendas (with the minutes of the previous meeting) are available from the council office reception on Kiln Road, Thundersley.


A protocol for public speaking at Development Control Committee meetings is now in operation. Under the protocol one person is allowed to speak for three minutes in objection to an application and one person, either the applicant or their agent or a member of the public, is allowed to speak in support of an application. Comments made should be restricted to material planning considerations. Members of the public wishing to speak must register in advance of the relevant meeting and be present at the council offices by 7.00pm on the day of the meeting.

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