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Last updated Thu 13 Jan 2022

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The HELIX website was launched in March 2006 and until October 2011 was hosted on a free platform known as Beehive, provided by the owners of the Echo newspaper. At that time the site was more than just a ‘what’s on’ site. It covered local news, planning applications, neighbourhood meetings (no longer held), information about churches and other organisations and more. If you’d like to see what the site looked like in October 2011, when the Beehive platform was withdrawn, then click here.

After the Beehive platform was withdrawn, the site was hosted for eighteen months on Dropbox but since April 2013 it has been hosted in the conventional way and is currently hosted with Tsohost.

If I had more time, I would try and build an updated version of the old site using more up-to-date technology but involvement in other projects, such as the Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive, currently precludes that happening.

Malcolm Brown
HELIX website administrator